Bluewater Modular is a national modular manufacturing company. Our firm supplies engineering and stamped plans for all projects residing in the U.S. With over 25 years of outstanding service and expertise, we strive to provide quality control, on-time deadlines, and large scale production capacity. Our business model has unlimited workspace and employs over 200 in-house construction workers. We can take on any size project and meet all deadlines!

A Modular ManufacturingCompany

Quality Control

We try to limit any in-field alterations or punch-out.

On-time Deadlines

Because of our experienced supervisors and our labor capacity, we always meet our deadlines.


1. Construction

2. Quality Control

3. On-time Deadlines

4. Stamped Plans

Our GreatTeam

Nakia Geller


Caleb Geller

Owner/Field Operations

Rick Barger

Director of Operations

Ted Geller